Online Indie Radio Stations – Where To Hear The Best Undiscovered Music!

Listening to radio station

There are a few online radio stations that are dedicated to playing music from independent artists. Below are some of the major players:


Internet radio service 8tracks offer curated playlists which are created by the site’s users. As a user, you can listen to and follow playlists by other users, or you can create your own playlist! With two-thirds of it’s streams being from independent labels and musicians, 8tracks is an indie fan’s dream come true! There are no algorithms here as seems to be the trend these days, rather, everything is hand-picked by actual people!


Earbits is an online radio station offering 100% independent music, free, and with no commercials! Indie artists can upload their music for consideration, and the Earbits team will consider it for airplay.

You can listen to the music in radio-style, else you can bypass that and play specific songs by earning ‘Groovies’ which is the Earbits currency. You earn Groovies by sharing an artist on social media, or joining their mailing list.


Jango is a free online radio station that plays music based on your existing music taste – you enter an artist and they will play you the artist you requested, along with other similar artists. While they cater heavily for commercial artists, they mix commercial music with indie artists to help you start slowly discovering new music from artists that you may not have heard of before.

Amazing Radio

UK-based Amazing Radio is a radio station dedicated to playing 100% emerging music from independent artists. The music is sourced from sister site Amazing Tunes. The music selected to be played on the site is decided by the fans who can play, rate, and purchase tracks on the Amazing Tunes site, and also via the audition show on the radio station where tracks will be played for consideration by the listeners.


So there you go, we hope that help you get started with online indie radio stations. Find out more about discovering new music.